Our Restaurant

Ciciarà opened with the desire to bring back traditional Italian cuisine underneath the shadow of the Madonnina. It’s located in Piazza Santo Stefano and the menu, created by our chef Michele Mette, varies continuously depending on the seasonality and availability of the products. 

Ciciarà is for those who love the big, noisy tables where people can share food, for those who care for what they eat, but without ever depriving themselves of anything, with a particular focus on sustainability and on a new way of consuming meat. All the meat we offer, in fact, comes from small farms of the highest quality, with a great channelling system. The animal is valued in its entirety through the rediscovery of those cuts that over the years have been neglected in the kitchen. For this reason, the most valuable and numerically limited parts of the animal (ribs and fillets, for example), are found only periodically in our daily menu.

Other products also aim at sustainability: especially freshwater fish, in order not to further exploit the seas, and many other seasonal vegetables. Ciciarà is for those who have never been able to complete a diet because sitting at the table is amazing, for those who love traditional dishes but want them to be even better than those of their grandmother’s, for those who appreciate good wine but also cocktailsIt is, above all, for those who think that the most beautiful thing about sitting at the table is the chatter that always goes along with it; in Milanese, Ciciarà.